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Busi Jacobsohn

Vintage 2018 Release of our Luxury Sparkling Wine

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Release of Vintage 2018 first Rose’ and Cuvee’ Brut


It’s English, it’s good for the environment and it delivers notes of cranberries – everything one could ever want on the table this festive season.

The award winning, Busi Jacobsohn estate is pleased to launch its 2018 vintage, this time releasing both a traditional fizz and a very special limited-edition sparkling rose.

Typical of the Sussex-based single estate grower/producer that believes great wine comes at the end of a journey of culture, time, care and love they have lovingly produced another fantastic Classic Cuvee Brut (£38), elegant, balanced and perfect for any celebration.

For the first time however, they have released a sensational, limited edition (3,500 bottles) of a versatile yet delicate 2018 Rose Extra Brut (£39) with a hint of Cranberry.

If you plan on getting stuck into cheese, guinea fowl, a traditional turkey perhaps and every other rich-tasting reward the foodie world can throw at you this Christmas then this is the sparkling wine to stock up on. It’s dry, with body and slightly oaked; and thanks to a heatwave in the summer of 2018 and a warm autumn, grapes were on the vine longer reaching full delicious ripeness.  Try it !