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Busi Jacobsohn

Cuvée Brut 2018

PDO English Quality Sparkling Wine

Made only using grapes from our single estate vineyard in Eridge, East Sussex just outside Tunbridge Wells.
Cuvée Brut 2018 -
Elegant and crisp vintage, with great length acidity and balance.
An attractive aroma of biscuits, roasted nuts, oatmeal and apple gently released with good density.
The palate has a good intensity of fruits and savoury notes, gently unfurling on the palate delivering
apple crumble and pastry notes with a fresh richness.
This is a wine to savour and enjoy the complexity and discrete accessibility.


60 % Chardonnay
25 % Pinot noir
15 % Pinot Meunier


East Sussex

6.1 g/L

  • 2018
  • 2018 produced exceptional quality ripe grapes. Heatwave and Ideal conditions lasted all throughout the growing season. June provided excellent weather for flowering and temperatures heated up to 30 degrees, July turned out to be the second warmest on record. The dry and warn autumn allowed us to leave the grapes on the vine longer gaining greater fruit concentration and full-ripeness
Cuvée Brut 2018 -
Seafood, Salmon, Sushi, black caviar and even roasted chicken with  truffel.
Vegetarian lasagne