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Busi Jacobsohn

Cuvée Extra Brut 2019

PDO English Quality Sparkling Wine

Made only using grapes from our single estate vineyard in Eridge, East Sussex just outside Tunbridge Wells.

Cuvée Extra Brut 2019 -

An attractive aroma of biscuits, roasted nuts, oatmeal and apple gently released with good density.
Notes Elegant fresh and crisp with notes of lemon zest and chalky minerality, roasted nuts and toasted oats, with great length acidity and balance.

60 % Chardonnay

20 % Pinot noir

20 % Pinot Meunier


East Sussex

4.6 g/L

  • 2019
  • Produced very good quality ripe grapes, after a warm winter and spring early bud burst. The usual spring frost followed in April and we were very happy to have our cold air-drain that saved the crop for us. The later part of the growing season had its mix of sunshine and rain that resulted in a late harvest. Because of the cooler later part of the summer the grapes had plenty of time too mature with the typical concentrated sugar levels and acidity and this is whats required to produce the good quality we always strive for.

Cuvée Extra Brut 2019 -

Perfect for celebrations and aperitifs, it also makes a good match to smoked salmon or any salmon meal, seafood, pâté, buttered asparagus, creamy pasta and truffles, Swedish caviar löjrom, asian food. Last but not least is great with birthday cakes.

Vegan friendly