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Busi Jacobsohn

Interview With Susanna Busi Jacobsohn – Founder Of Busi Jacobsohn

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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There is no denying that English Sparkling Wine is on the rise, becoming an undeniable contender to Traditional Method Sparkling around the world. To the English, it’s becoming a fan favourite and a go-to Glass of Bubbly, its quality is improving year on year and thanks to innovators and those willing to follow their dreams, the choice of English Sparkling Wine is expanding.

In this exclusive feature we speak with Susanna, one of the incredible minds behind Busi Jacobsohn, in England, let’s find out a little about her life in the English wine industry and her sparkling wines.

It’s Lovely To Speak With You, Susanna, Can You Share With Us A Little About Yourself And How You Launched The Busi Jacobsohn Brand?

“I was born in Sweden, but with an Italian mother and Greek father, so I’m very European. I worked in fashion in Holland where I lived for a few years. I have a life coach degree, and when I became a mother I decided to stay at home with my children and instead get involved in the school Board and PTA. I have always been very interested in Design.

The Busi Jacobsohn brand was a collaboration between our Designer Amphora and our family, where our sons Charles and Tom helped with ideas. Our idea to start growing vines came up when we bought Blackdon Farm in 2014 with some land.

Douglas my husband was at the same time retiring from being CEO at a Norwegian Insurance company. At a curry night at our youngest son’s school, we met another parent engaged in agriculture and vine growing who thought why not plant some vines on our land, we were surprised but thought why not look into that? We did some research including some tasting of English sparkling wines and we decided that would be the way to go. We were invited to a Hampshire vineyard and had a wonderful tour and were given lots of information. A very romantic decision was taken shortly after.”

When It Comes To pairing Sparkling Wine With Food, Do You Have Any Favourite Combinations That You Would Personally Recommend?

“It is very interesting with sparkling wines and food. I have now tried it with many different foods and if you find the right combination of sparkling wine and food it goes with so many food alternatives.

I love the Rosé with Asian Duck and the Blanc de Noir goes very well with chicken and meat. Fish and seafood have always been known to go well together with sparkling wines. I also very much like to drink sparkling with cheese, it does not go with all cheeses. I really recommend trying it, it is amazing. If drinking sparkling wine with food I do however think it should be a less sweet sparkling wine. Our dosage per litre is never above 6.5 g.”

You’re Stuck On A Desert Island, And Fortunately, Two Bottles Of Busi Jacobsohn Wash Up Onto Shore, Perfectly Chilled, Which Two Labels Would You Want Them To Be?

“I would choose my favourite the Blanc de Noir 2018 and the second to be our Cuvée’ Brut any vintage.”

What Future Plans Can Enthusiasts Of Busi Jacobsohn Look Forward To In The Coming Years?

“We only make vintage wine so each year we have something new. This year later in June we release the Cuvée Brut 2020 and Blanc de Blanc 2019 later in the Autumn. A very special release this year is our first ever Magnum bottle Brut vintage 2020 in limited numbers. That is exciting for us.”

Can You Share With Us One Of The Most Memorable Experiences You’ve Enjoyed With A Glass of Bubbly?

“I am the kind of person taking every opportunity to celebrate so I would say it must be on my big birthday (60) a few years ago when drinking our first vintage 2017, celebrating together with my friends and family. I have saved some to celebrate 65 this year.”

Thank you Susanna, for sharing your story and experiences with us and we at Glass of Bubbly wish you the very best for the future!

Oliver Walkey  Champagne and Sparkling Wine Writer, Focused on Bringing the Exciting and Fascinating World of Bubbly to You.