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Busi Jacobsohn

Our New 2018 vintage Luxury Sparkling Wines Are Here

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Our New Luxury Sparkling Wines Are Here

Our 2018 Sparkling wines are luxurious, English, good for the environment, and one of them even has notes of cranberries – simply perfect for the festive season.

This month we are so excited to launch our 2018 vintage – which includes our first ever very special limited edition sparkling rose, and the second release of our gold medal winning classic fizz.

We believe that great wine comes at the end of a journey combining culture, time and utmost care, and here at our single vineyard estate we have lovingly produced this fantastic pair of wines – elegant, balanced and perfect for any celebration.

We know that you are planning to indulge in cheeses, guinea fowl, traditional turkey, and every other rich-tasting reward you can think of, and these sparkling wines are the perfect accompaniment.

This is our best and most fascinating vintage yet, and you can really taste that perfect summer of 2018 in them – the flavours are absolutely something special and so concentrated. We wanted to create a sparkling rosé and knew this would be the year to try; we are so glad that we did.

What’s most important to us is that people know we care about our wine, our vines and the environment in which we grow them. We make every effort to be as sustainable and conscious of the environment as we can, at every stage, while still ensuring the best quality; that’s why our ‘Classic Method’ hallmark means so much to us.

We hope that you enjoy these special sparkling wines, and wish you all the very best for a fabulous festive season.


Susanna & Douglas