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Busi Jacobsohn

Food pairing at Trishna London – Indian Michelin Star Restaurant

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Last week at the Michelin starred @trishnalondon on Blandford Street in Marylebone Village, we explored with a number of select guests how well our versatile English Sparkling Wines pair with carefully selected Indian food…

So it was very exciting to see this piece from James Evison in @thedrinksbusiness writing the event up and noting that “the sparkling wine and Indian food matching event at Trishna in London last week revealed its significant potential”.

James introduced his piece: “A large bottle of cold lager may seem the quintessential accompaniment to a Indian cuisine. But now it turns out a beautifully refreshing glass of English Blanc de Noirs can also be the perfect match with one of the country’s favourite cuisines…”

Seek out his excellent full article here:

Thanks to all who came along to this innovative tasting!