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Busi Jacobsohn

English Sparkling Rose’ & Indian food

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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You might have thought English Sparkling wine was a bit delicate for Indian food but this pairing at @trishnalondon was spot on. Thank you for the wonderful to Fiona Beckett @food-writer.

A match of the week.

Fiona writes ;

“Crab of course goes well with rosé anyway and sparkling wine is great with deep-fried food so it wasn’t a massive leap to pair the two when spices were involved especially when they were as subtle as at Trishna which has a Michelin star. The wine was one of the most elegant English rosés, Busi-Jocobsohn’s 2019 Rosé Brut which has a lowish dosage of 6.3g which counters the idea that you need wine with a touch of sweetness with spicy food.

However it is a single vineyard wine and slightly fuller and riper than the extra brut rosé of theirs I’ve tasted before which helped it stand up to the dish (and makes for more pleasurable drinking too). You can buy it from their website for £39 – which is good value for a sparkling rosé of that quality.”