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Busi Jacobsohn

White Vineyards & Full Glasses

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Our beautiful lanscape has totally changed and it happened so suddenly! With winter conditions now here, and indoor activities all the more appealling, we can concentrate on getting cosy and making final plans for Christmas and New Year…

Hello friends, and welcome back to our updates, we hope that you are very well. We’re here with another diary entry for you on life and times at our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s festive fika time.

As you may have seen from our social media, we are very lucky – it is (another) attractive time of year… One needs only to look out of a window in the UK now to see the pretty covering of frost – and in some cases snow – over everything, and it’s the same here in the vineyard.

The leaves are all long gone from the vines now, and our precious rows stand to quiet attention in the cold, settling into their winter dormancy, occasionally posing for a photograph, and awaiting winter pruning.

For those still looking for Christmas gifts – we know many of you are out there – we are happy to report that the answer is here! Earlier in December our Brut appeared in The Telegraph newspaper in this list piece called ‘The best alcohol Christmas gifts 2022’, compiled by leading wine writer Vctoria Moore.

Looking further afield, since its release in June, for every bottle of Blanc de Noirs 2018 sold through our website, we have made a £2.00 donation to the Solvattencharity. Solvatten is Swedish for “sun water”, and they have developed a water treatment system for off-grid households in the developing world using just the sun.

Safe and clean water in a portable, environmentally friendly way, it’s pretty amazing. And we’ve now purchased three Solvatten units, each of which will be able to supply a family with clean water for seven years. Thanks to you! 

And with our vines sleeping, we have been continuing our efforts to spread the word and bring sparkle to the hearts and glasses of new people around the world, and we reached another landmark this month.

We were very pleased to send our wine to Israel for the first time: And that’s not just a first for us – this will be the first English Sparkling Wine available in Israel. Our wines will be available end of the month, in time for New Year, or Sylvester as it’s often referred to there.

As for the sparkling wines that you can enjoy from us here this Christmas, we can reveal that we’ve now changed vintages, and have moved into our 2019 wine!

These beautiful new wines are stylistically from the same page of course and continue in our refined house style… and are being very well reviewed. As artisan vintage wines, they are a little subtly different to the now sold out 2018. This is the fascination of vintages and we cannot wait to hear what you all think of them!

And do remember that for orders of six bottles and more, we will take care of the shipping costs to any mainland UK address, because we know that – like us – you would rather spend money on bubbles, and not so much postage.

That is all for us for this time, we will see you again very soon.

Susanna & Douglas