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Busi Jacobsohn

Vintage 2023 begins to reveal its fruit

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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A Fruitful Month

The annual cycle of vitis vinifera – grape vines – involves many important stages, some of them obvious and well known like ‘bud burst’, others less so. And having now flowered, our vines are currently enthusiatically engaged in ‘fruit set’, which is as important as it sounds for a grape-bearing plant. And the early signs for the 2023 vintage are very good indeed.

Hello friends, and welcome once again, we hope that you are very well. We’re here with another diary entry for you on life and times at our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s fika time.

As the delicate blossoms of the grapevine transform into tiny, vibrant green orbs under the warm sun, the fruit set stage is the first time that the vines give a visible indication of the quality and quantity of fruit that they might be in line to produce that year.

It gives us a sense of the potential of the vintage, and also great anticipation, imagining the excuisite wines these tiny grapes will go on to produce. Coinciding with the arrival of fruit, we also held an Open Day last week – it’s always such a pleasure to host people here, telling stories and sipping wine among the vines, and of course in our Tasting Room.

We have some more fantastic competition news to share with you, as The Drinks Business Global Sparkling Masters became the third major wine competition to award Blanc de Noirs 2018 a gold medal.

Nice to see them all agreeing on this! Have you tried this very special sparkling wine yet? You do not even need a reason – this wine is a special occasion on its own!

Now what about a new place to enjoy our wines? We know we keep suggesting that you add these places to your ‘must visit’ lists, so our apologies for setting you these difficult assignments…

Well the Goodman group is now pouring our 2018 Sparkling Rosé by the the glass at all three of their London restaurants – Mayfair, City and Canary Wharf. These super-smart estbalishments are known for their ‘Great Steak. Great Wine. Great People’, and shown here is Goodman City – 11 Old Jewry, London, right by Bank station. See you there.

That is all from us this time, so eat and drink well and we will see you again very soon.
Susanna & Douglas