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Busi Jacobsohn

Wine for your Valentine

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Valentine’s Day Means Luxury Sparkling Rosé

In recent months we have been excitedly revealing, introducing and sharing our 2018 range with the world, but in February it can only be about one of them…

Hello once again! We hope that everyone is keeping safe and well. Yes, we are very pleased to be back with another short newsletter for you – to go with your fika perhaps? And this month our beautiful Sparkling Rosé must take the spotlight, because it’s completely perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration!

After it seemed that December and January were more about our flagship wine the Brut 2018, we have now also had some wonderful attention for our stunning debut rosé. Of course we shared on social media our early morning tasting with James Max live on Talk Radio Breakfast – such fun! If you didn’t catch it then here is a link, so you can see if he liked it…

We have been told that after tasing it, several people in the media will be including it in their recommended Valentine’s fizz lists, so look out for those too in the next few days. In the meantime we found somebody to say a few words on its behalf, the highly respected Master of Wine Clive Barlow

One of the most exciting things about this wine is that as well as its vibrant red fruits, subtle toasted notes, freshness, and energy, it’s also a more full-bodied sparkling wine than most. This means it has versatility and is extremely food friendly…

So as man cannot quite exist on romance and fizz alone, here are a couple of delicious food pairings we think you should try with it: 1. Saltimbocca alla Romana…2. Salmon Sushi…3.Oysters 4.Chocolate dessert…5. Or goat’s cheese!

Who is now hungry? Sorry! But which combination would you choose? Which have you already tried? What worked best? Drop us a message, and let us know!

Finally we hope that you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day, stay well and safe everybody, and hopefully we will see you all very soon.  Skål