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Busi Jacobsohn

Open Day, Awards & Food Pairings

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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As late May graces the vineyard with its warmer embrace and the rain finally eases off, the vines are flourishing. This is a time of vigorous growth, with leaves unfurling and shoots reaching skyward, as the air begins to carry delicate fragrances, hinting at future grapes…

Hello friends, and welcome once again, we hope that you are very well. We’re here with another diary entry for you on life and times at our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s fika time.

Things are moving quickly in the vineyard now: May is always a period of dramatic growth and development, and our role is to carefully nurture this. A month which began with rapid shoot growth, has moved busily into leaf development, successfully through frost management, and now to inflorescence – with small clusters appearing on the vines which will soon become flowers and then eventually grapes.

And in another month things will look very different again – but don’t take our word for it, you can come and see this for yourself. We are very pleased to announce our first Open Day date for the year – 14th July. Click through here to Eventbrite to find out more and book your place. We hope to welcome you in July!

Now how about this for some wonderful press: “You might have thought English sparkling wine and in fact English wine in general was a bit delicate for Indian food but this pairing at Trishna London last week was spot on…”

Thanks to the leading UK wine writer Fiona Beckett for this article on her ‘Matching Food & Wine’ website – and for making this Indian-Spiced Soft-Shell Crab and our English Sparkling Rosé her ‘Match of the Week’! Read her full comments here.

Then at last week’s London Wine Fair our sparkling wines were selected not once but twice in their ‘Wine Writers Edit 2024’. This is a list of the top 30 wines to look out for at the event, handpicked by 10 wine writers from 3000 wines on show!

We were selected in their ‘3 wines to look out for’ by Victoria Moore and Brad Horne. Thanks so much to both – and to Mercato Direct, our distributors in the North of the UK, who showed the wines.

Finally for this time, we received lots of news recently from wine competitions, with Brut 2019 in the limelight. Silver medals were awarded to our flagship sparkling wine by the respected Intenational Wine Challenge, The IWSC, and at the Drinks Business Spring Tasting.

Some brilliant tasting notes coming back too, including: “An abundance of lemon zest, strawberry and pastry with fresh purity of fruit concentration”, and “Bright, textured and refreshingly vibrant showcasing integrated lees characters with a balanced richness on the finish.” Sounds great doesnt it!

That is all for us this time, so eat and drink well, and we will see you again very soon.

Skål! Susanna / Douglas