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Busi Jacobsohn

Pruning and Valentine’s Day

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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You might think that February for an English vineyard would be a time of peace, quiet, and stillnesss? No, not so much. Yes our incredible vines are sleeping but they won’t be for long, and before they Spring into action, there is much to do, including of course raising a glass to romance…

Hello friends, for the first time in 2022! We’re back with another update for you on life and times on our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s fika time.

We always begin by updating you on what is happening in the vineyard, even when the vines are ‘dormant’ as now. You can see from this picture (sorry, Luna has turned her back on you, she must have heard something…) it’s a sea of red-hued brown here, very different from the summer, but with its own seasonal beauty.

In the foreground, you might notice that the vines are a little wild right now, and that’s because the big job of winter pruning has not yet started. Each vine must be carefully snipped back by hand, which is a massive effort taking several weeks, and we’re just preparing everything to get started. Wish us luck!

With St Valentine’s Day approaching (just 13 days), we thought we would take a moment to suggest that our 2018 vintage Rosé could hardly have a more perfect purpose than to accompany a beautiful romantic meal.

It has a soft elegance, mouth-watering acidity and delicate red fruit and floral notes, with the oak barreled Pinot Meunier element giving a subtle texture, ensuring that if want to pair this with food – it can combine wonderfully. It is available from our website, with limited quantities left…

Just this week we were excited to see this profile appearing in Falstaff, one of the leading wine lifestyle magazines in Europe. It’s a fun piece, where they pose 13 simple questions to top professionals in the world of wine, food and travel – you can read it here.

And in other news you will find of interest, our first ever Blanc de Noirs is getting closer to release. Check its progress on our Instagram, and remember that patience can be richly rewarded.

To finish, how about this for food pairing inspiration? Bubbles and sushi, looking almost too good to eat. But we did.

Right, that is all from us for now; enjoy celebrating St Valentine’s Day – and every day! – and see you next time.

Skål!  Susanna & Douglas