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Busi Jacobsohn

Pruning and PR

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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January Means Pruning & PR

Our new wines are getting wonderful reviews, helping keep us warm on the inside during hard work outside in the vineyard.

Hello! We hope that everyone is well and making the best of these difficult times. The good news is that we are half way through January already – and hopefully we all have enough good food, fizz, friends and family (thank you Zoom!) to get through the rest of it.

Who has tried our new 2018’s already? OK perhaps not so ‘new’ now, but they are our latest wines and we had been waiting to release them for nearly three years, so in our excitement they still feel new to us.

So what do we do on an East Sussex vineyard in January? Well, life at this time can be summarised in one single word: Pruning. On a crisp and frosty, but sunny day last week we began pruning our vines – all 12 acres of them!

Pruning is something we do individually and by hand, and for the moment it is just the family taking care of this. We’ll get some help in to assist further down the line with this huge job, but probably not until February.

In the meantime we’ve had some lovely early exposure for our 2018s. The Brut appeared in January’s round-up by Great British Wine of new English wines to look out for. “This is only the second vintage from Busi-Jacobsohn, but it feels that this encouraging new estate is already starting to enter its stride…” You can read their full review here.

And on Instagram they also suggested the incredible looking salmon nigiri sushi food pairing you can see below. That colour is just too perfect!

Finally we have another exciting radio appearance to tell you about: On Thursday 21st our rosé will be tasted live on Talk Radio – and we will be on too! It’s the early breakfast show with James Max, and we’ll post a link on our social media so you can listen in afterwards.

That’s all from us this time. Stay well and safe everybody, and hopefully we will see you very soon.