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Busi Jacobsohn

Harvest time approaches 

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Harvest Time Approaches

September for us means getting everything prepared for harvest, ready to bring the fruit in, in the biggest and most exciting event of the year… 

Hello once again friends. We’re back with another update for you on life and times on our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s time for some fika.

We tend to harvest in early October, and this year we will be bringing in the grapes a little later, just so they can reach the exact level of ripeness we want. The late summer sunshine we’ve just been enjoying has been very helpful.

This is how they look at the moment and we are keeping our fingers crossed for more beautiful weather to help them ripen. You can see from the picture that they are going through veraison right now, where a red grape variety begins to ripen, and finally turns red.

On 18th August we held our first summer vineyard party, and we’re happy to say it was a big success! We posted some things to social media on the day, and here you can see and hear a little bit of the buzz, the jazz, the cars and the happy people. And the live music from local classical musician Jennifer Maslin was just perfect.

Continuing our year of exciting firsts, yesterday we attended the annual Wine GB Trade and Press tasting event at Lindley Hall, at the RHC in London.

Perhaps you came to see us? The buzz in the room was just fantastic, and we were happy to have so many lovely,

interested people stop by for a chat and a taste. Well done and thank you Wine GB.

And finally, last but absolutely not least, we have a new arrival in the family to introduce. This is Smilla our vineyard puppy! Smilla is a literary name, a formation  of the Danish author Peter Hoeg in the novel ‘’Miss Smilla’s sense for snow’. The basis is a Greenlandic female name, Milaareq, meaning ‘one who hums’, where the pretext has been replaced by Smilla-, containing smile, the Danish word for smile.

Right, that is all from us for this time. But stay tuned to our social media for harvest updates, and we will see you very soon.

Until then…


Susanna & Douglas

Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate