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Busi Jacobsohn

Our first summer event is coming up 

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Fizz, Friends, Jazz and Classic Cars

With events returning to UK vineyards, and our vines bursting dramatically into life, we are in the mood to celebrate the freedom of summer, and beautiful local places and produce – so we’ve planned a party.

Hello once again friends. We’re back with another little update for you on our life and times here in Eridge, so make yourself comfortable, with a cup of tea and perhaps this time a piece of kladdkaka.

Our vineyard is looking lovely now after all those months of dormancy, with vines growing like crazy in this warmer weather, and so many flowers coming out. The meadow in front of our tasting room is looking just amazing.

We always like to give you a little update on the vines themselves and how they are doing, and things are really moving now in the vineyard, after a late start to the growing season. We have just finished shoot selection, and inflorecence is now visible. We should be flowering in mid-July…

But what is this summer party we mentioned? We are glad that you asked!

On Wednesday 18th August we’re holding a very special day at Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate – not a traditional English garden party, but a non-traditional Swedish vineyard party. It will be a celebration of our delicious English sparkling wines, vibrant vines, live jazz music, pre-war classic cars, and summer!

Bring a picnic and enjoy the vineyard in full glory with wonderful views of the East Sussex countryside, while the live music drifts over your full glass of fizz as you grab a smiling selfie in the bodywork of a vintage Rolls Royce.

Two other pieces of interesting news, for you: Firstly we are excited to reveal that this month we put our wines into bigger sized bottles! So fans of magnums need to know that our 2020s are now bottled and laid down. It will be a long wait but it will be worth it.

The other thing to mention is that it is now possible to purchase our wines using Bitcoin. Should you wish to do so, it’s now an option for you as you check out at our online shop.

A bar will be available where our award-winning wines can be purchased either by the glass or the bottle. Only a limited number of tickets will be available, and this is the first time we’ve mentioned it to anybody, so if this sounds like your idea of a good time, then head over to Eventbrite and secure yourself a ticket.

And as you might have seen, our wines have continued to appear in the media and we’ve been fortunate to get some more wonderful reviews. Leading wine journalist and author Jamie Goode paid us a visit and gave our vineyard a full write up on his website, as well as posting a great little tasting video on social media, and we were also warmly reviewed in Decanter, courtesy of Sylvia Wu. Fingers crossed that this will continue!

Right, that’s all from us for now. See you very soon. Perhaps on August 18th?

Until then…

Susanna & Douglas

Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate