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Busi Jacobsohn

Fallen Leaves & Fireside Fizz

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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We approach the end of another busy vineyard year, and as the leaves fall and the skies darken, it’s time to stay indoors, light fires, get cosy and to think about – yes, it’s OK to mention it now – Christmas.

Hello friends, and welcome back to our updates, we hope that you are very well. We’re here with another diary entry for you on life and times at our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s fika time.

Now it is customary for us to begin by giving you an update on what’s been happening out in the vineyard, the centre of our world. But actually, now that the post-harvest activity is fast disappearing in the rear view mirror, we can say that November is a quiet month out amongst the vines.

It’s still absolutely beautiful of course, with nature making use of her Autumn colour palette, as you can see in the photo here, with crisp yellow leaves just before they turn brown and fall, and almost indigo, moody skies. And yes, of course there are the on-brand colour roses in there too.

But where it is a little more quiet outside, this is balanced out by the fact that inside we have now entered the time of year when more than any other, people purchase and crack open sparkling wine – hooray!

If you are deciding which bubbles you’ll be pulling out of the ice bucket over the Christmas period, well there is a particular sense of occasion and luxury about Blanc de Noirs 2018, our opulent debut in this style. Here’s what John Mobbs said about it when made it his @greatbritishwine Wine of the Month earlier this year:

“To taste, the palate is expansive and deep. This is a generously styled 2018 vintage wine and it’s the red fruit which really grabs you. All the juicy red apple and red fruit flavours that the nose promised are present. Yet there’s also a definite richness to the soft peach and baked orchard fruit notes here. It’s the most charismatic and deep wine from this producer to date”.

And remember that for every bottle of Blanc de Noirs sold through our website, we will make a £2.00 donation to the Solvatten charity.

In between packing boxes full of wine we have also been taking some important and exciting steps towards our future sparkling wine releases.

Last week we carried out dosage tests for our forthcoming 2018 Blanc de Blanc – which will be ready for you in June of next year. And we also recently got a taste of our freshly pressed 2022 juice, which is the picture you can see here above. You’ll see that it has no bubbles – they are created much later in the process.

This wine has a long journey ahead of it, and was already tasting fantastic!

We’ve also been continuing our work on developing the number of countries in which people can enjoy our wine, and it’s good news for our friends in Finland.

Our Sparkling Rosé has been shipped out, and will be available on the shelves of Alko shops by the end of this month, in perfect time for the festive season. But do not worry, we didn’t send it all…

And do remember that for orders of six bottles and more, we will take care of the shipping costs to any mainland UK address, because we know that – like us – you would rather spend money on bubbles, and not so much postage.

That is all for us for this time, we will see you again very soon.


Susanna & Douglas