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Busi Jacobsohn

Time to Celebrate

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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Bubbles and Festive Fun

December in the vineyard means that we’ve taken a little time to recharge after harvest, tidied up the vineyard, and are putting it to sleep for another winter. So we can cosy up in front of the fire and get ready for Christmas….

Hello once again friends. We’re back with another update for you on life and times on our Eridge vineyard, so make yourself comfortable, it’s festive fika time.

We always like to share with you what is happening in the vineyard: at this time of year once the post-harvest jobs have been completed, it’s very peaceful and quiet out there among the vines, and the quality of the light, and the winter tones are really lovely.

Our vines are able to shut down until the Spring to protect themselves from the cold and frost, but now that we have completed post-harvest, we are happy to spend a little more time indoors in the warmth!

So with a wreath on the door, seasonal decorations out, and a roaring fire going, we can turn our attention to things like food, friends and festive bubbles! Talking of which, did you see our wine on ITV’s ‘Love Your Weekend’ last Sunday?

Andy Clarke was pairing a range of British drinks with local cheeses… If Welsh Haloumi and fizz sounds like an intriguing pairing to you – and guest Alan Daviesloved it! – then you can watch here.

Since our last update we’ve also hosted our first ever limited numbers, cosy winter tasting event, which worked really well. Some people came from London, and others were from the nearby villages – it was so good to meet everybody.

You can expect this type of event to return next year. You must join us!

As for our super 2018 vintage, these award winners continue to be so well received – we’re thrilled about the reaction they get. And remember, we will continue to offer free delivery on them throughout December.
And so finally the big question for foodies right now – what will we all be having on our Christmas dinner tables? We will be having a traditonal julbord, starting with sill, oyster and löjrom, a Scandinavian caviar. But what to drink with it…

Right, that is all from us for now. Stay well, see you next time, and have a wonderful Christmas.


Susanna & Douglas
Busi Jacobsohn Wine Estate