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Busi Jacobsohn

Best alcohol Christmas gifts

Busi Jacobsohn
Busi Jacobsohn
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The best alcohol Christmas gifts of 2022 recommended by an expert, from fine wine to whisky glasses

Victoria Moore’s guide to the best alcohol Christmas gifts this year includes whisky glasses, gin gift sets and some superb wines under £50


Victoria Moore,


25 November 2022 • 4:34pm

You can tell what grown-ups give each other for Christmas by checking the google searches at this time of year: “best whisky glasses” and “gifts for whisky lovers” are never far from the top of the charts, closely followed by searches for beer and wine gifts. It makes perfect sense. Who wouldn’t want a lovely new set of wine glasses, just in time for Christmas dinner?

But that doesn’t mean you can just nip to the supermarket and buy whatever’s in a gift box on the end of the wine aisle. The best alcohol gifts take a little more deliberation than that – and who better to ask for advice than The Telegraph’s wine columnist Victoria Moore? Here are Victoria’s top recommendations for 2022. (And if you’re reading this before December 1, you should definitely read our guide to the best alcohol advent calendars next – they’re massive this year.)

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