Busi Jacobsohn is a family run wine estate located in the beautiful High Weald of East Sussex, the heart of the growing English wine industry. The High Weald is designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which was first settled in the 14th century and is still known for its surviving medieval landscapes. The vines are on a south-west-facing slope giving views over scattered fields and farmsteads that make up a green sea of rolling hills and woods.

The wine estate is headed by husband and wife team, Douglas and Susanna who together with their two sons, run the estate which was founded in 2015. The vines were planted across 5 hectares in the spring of 2015 and have been lovingly cultivated ever since. In order to ensure the highest quality and the best conditions for the vines Douglas and Susanna personally inspect them daily.

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The Jacobsohn family is originally from Sweden though their heritage is more broadly European, predominantly the Mediterranean. The name Busi derives from Susanna’s Italian roots named after a small village in the Piemonte, a region located in the north of Italy known for its wonderful wines.

The family moved to England in 2011 partly for the children’s educational opportunities. Douglas close involvement with Skuld marine mutual insurance, a Norwegian company which he was appointed CEO and helped establish a foothold in Lloyds London. After a long successful career he decided to turn his attention to promoting his love for wine.

It had been a long dream for both Douglas and Susanna to retire to a vineyard in Italy, however as they found themselves falling in love with the English countryside they decided that it seemed only natural to found a vineyard here as they discovered the conditions were perfect for the production of sparkling wine.

Douglas along with Susanna have built up an extensive knowledge of wine culture and tasting. They have also attended a multitude of courses at Plumpton College to ensure  their knowledge remains up to date. They also have close links with some of the most reputable wine experts from the region who act as advisors to the estate, thus ensuring the  best possible quality of wine-making.

All the day to day operations are carried out by the family themselves. Douglas spends most of his days in the vineyard making sure the vines are kept in good conditions and are well protected while Susanna is mostly involved with the designing and organisation of it all. Their two sons help out where they can and Charles acts as a design advisor and is involved with the marketing section while Tom, being an artist, plays an important part in the design of the logo and other creative areas. When it comes to harvest season the grapes are all picked by hand. The family are joined by their friends and relatives who all  enjoy a couple of days picking grapes together as per the Italian tradition of Vendemmia. Busi Jacobsohn is truly a unique and outstanding family run vineyard.