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Busi Jacobsohn

Cuvée Brut 2017

PDO English Quality Sparkling Wine

Limited Edition, individually numbered bottles. Made only using grapes from our single estate vineyard in Eridge, East Sussex just outside Tunbridge Wells.

Cuvée Brut 2017 -

Golden chardonnay dominated by an energetic mousse, crisp clarity and the kind of aromatics that will stop you in your tracks. Tangy apple, apricot, pastry, lychee blossom and a hint of brioche.

60 % Chardonnay

20 % Pinot noir

20 % Pinot Meunier


East Sussex

6.8 g/L

  • 2017
  • 2017 produced top quality clean ripe grapes and exceptional chardonnay, however frost in early spring reduced the harvest, leading to a limited number of bottles being produced. Despite the frost, this year produced some top quality wine.

Cuvée Brut 2017 -

Smoked salmon, pâté, buttered asparagus and truffles.